Monday, January 23, 2012

Fresh Flowers

It's hard to think about the warmer days ahead since we are finally experiencing winter but the first spring flowers appeared at the market this weekend. Tulips, daffodils and rhinoculous; the selection was small but the color options were absolutely stunning.

After trimming down the less than perfect parts, undoubtedly from the long journey, these perfectly pink rhinoculous are displayed in a vintage-style Pewabic step vase in our kitchen.

Pewabic is a familiar name for Detroiters. Founded in 1903, Pewabic Pottery is a national historic landmark located in the city. Pewabic vessels, tiles, and architectural ornamentation have been used in public and private installations across the United States (think Historic Buildings, Churches, Libraries). Modern murals still appropriately display the high attention to detail that is linked to the Pewabic name.

3x3" Pewabic tiles make very thoughtful hostess gifts (starting at about $15). Classic styles are always available and new designs are occasionally introduced for collectors at heart.

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